First off I’m sure you’re wondering…  PINKY?!

Yes…Pinky is my real name and it’s on my driver’s license.  I admit,  I did not like my name growing up because I used to get teased a lot from it.  I begged my mom to change it to Britney, that’s a cool name right?   It wasn’t until college when the teasing stopped.  Rather than laughing and flashing their little ‘Pinkie’ finger at me or coming up with something silly that rhymes with my name (stinky, dinky, borinky), I just get a kick out of the response I get.  The usual ‘HUH?’ and ‘what’s it short for? Pinkerton?’  Starbucks would get my name wrong almost every time and I end up with mames like “kiki”, “hiki”, “veiki”, “nikki” or “ricki” on my cup . I don’t mind it though.. Just don’t call me ‘thumb’ and we’ll be cool….. (you get it right?)  😉


Well other than my ‘unique’ name, I’ve been doing photography for 9 years now from the lovely island of Oahu, Hawaii.  It started out as a hobby back in college and has developed into what it is today.   I absolutely LOVE capturing memories with any piece of technology at my disposal. Film camera, phone, GoPro, Polaroid…. It’s freezing that moment in time is why I love what I do.

I got bit by the wedding bug when a family member asked me to take her wedding photos.  I refused and kept referring her to someone else, but she wanted me.   Despite my HUGE initial fears, I absolutely fell in LOVE with being a part of the “wedding day experience”.  Capturing wedding vows remind me of my special day over 9 years ago when my husband and I said those two “forever” words….. “My Slave”…. wait…. “You BETTER”…. Just kidding…  “I DO I DO I DO”!!!!


I love capturing LOVE , capturing the moments filled with emotion and beauty.  I help brides feel beautiful, happy, comfy …. to know you’re special.  Captured memories on this day is for you to remember all the moments, how you felt towards each other…..  the DETAILS…  How happy everyone was at your wedding, the emotions you felt.  My priority is to provide you with memories that capture your  happiness…to fall in love all over again.  Something that you’ll cherish forever.  I’m a hopeless romantic and chances are I am hiding my tears behind my camera during your vows.

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Thank you Ohana Photographers for the shot