Laniakea Beach | Hawaiian Wedding Photographer

I am sitting at the Diagnostic Lab clinic doing some work as I wait to get my blood drawn.  I was told told to come in and get my 3 hour glucose test because I failed the first one.  ME?!  Fail?  Well apparently it’s bad to have chocolate as a pregnancy craving.  I am usually really good, I exercise, eat pretty healthy, I say no to donuts or any kind of dessert unless we’re out at a restaurant and they have something good like the lemon crunch cake (go to The Alley and try it!  You will not regret it!)  Since being pregnant my appetite has a mind of its own!   But since failing the first test, I’ve been back on that healthy eating diet.  Not lose weight diet, eating 6 times a day diet with less sugar,  more greens, and more ch-ch-ch-chia.  Had to say that…but apparently it’s good and  healthy .

Anyhoo, until my next hour blood draw, I wanted to share this beautiful beach wedding on the North Shore.  Lani’akea Beach,  that first beach on the North Shore where there’s no parking, causes that long line of traffic, but with a beautiful view and awesome surf. I don’t surf, but that’s what all the guys there were saying….so I shall say the waves were cool and big.  The location was actually really beautiful and I couldn’t be more than happy to photograph these 2.  PS check out their eyes!  I love the color of their eyes!