Jessica is a cake designer back home in North Carolina, Cakes Infinity…Beautiful cakes!!!  Jessica and I have been communicating for months about her destination wedding here, talking about location and her wedding ceremony.  She’s so great and fun to talk to.  Of course meeting her was even greater.  She and her family are so very sweet.

We started their wedding at Papailoa Beach on the North Shore.  Then they requested to go to Ali’i Beach for more photos.  Such a great and beautiful day!  Congratulations Jessica and Chris!

oahu wedding photographer 101oahu wedding photographer 102oahu wedding photographer 103oahu wedding photographer 104oahu wedding photographer 105oahu wedding photographer 106oahu wedding photographer 107oahu wedding photographer 108oahu wedding photographer 109oahu wedding photographer 110oahu wedding photographer 111oahu wedding photographer 112oahu wedding photographer 113oahu wedding photographer 114oahu wedding photographer 115oahu wedding photographer 116oahu wedding photographer 117oahu wedding photographer 118oahu wedding photographer 119oahu wedding photographer 120oahu wedding photographer 121oahu wedding photographer 122oahu wedding photographer 123oahu wedding photographer 124oahu wedding photographer 125oahu wedding photographer 126oahu wedding photographer 127

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It’s 10pm and starving!  I reheated tonights dinner and now I’m resting because you know the saying goes, if you eat then sleep right away you gain extra weight.  Is that true?   I was afraid to try it…besides, when I lie down after a meal I’m just uncomfortable from being so full.

Winter in Hawaii is filled with a mix of sunny and rainy weather, holiday flavors, local Santa displays, crazy shoppers, parades, limited parking traffic, gift giving and receiving, gift buying for self, and lots of eating…. did I leave anything out?   Hope everyone’s December is going great and people are enjoying the holidays and not fighting over the last TV on sale.

I’ve wandered on Instagram and seeing all your cold snowy posts.  YIKES!   I can’t imagine how cold it is there.  I get up in the morning and Mia and I are stuck under the blankets because it’s too cold to get out of bed.  64 degrees cold.  I know its nothing and we shouldn’t complain, but we only have this cold one month out of the year and we dont have heaters…unless we sit in our cars all day with the heater on.  haha!  Anyway, for all you mainland friends, I’m sending you warm, sunny vibes and ALOHA.

We spent a weekend in Waikiki and wanted to share.  Wish you were here in Hawaii!

(Photos taken with Fujix20)

waikiki hawaii photographer 1001

waikiki hawaii photographer 10012

waikiki 1waikiki 2

Cole said “wow thats a big CD!”

waikiki 5waikiki 6waikiki 7

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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

So I have a confession…I’ve never cooked a turkey…ever…but I make a pretty good garlic mashed potatoes.  We were always invited to lunch or dinner somewhere for Thanksgiving and was always asked to bring the mash potatoes or dessert.  Since my oven is broken, boiling was my other option.  We had a nice lunch with my inlaws, watched football and found myself napping on their couch.  The turkey coma is real!  haha.

Anyway wanted to share Ellen amd Olli’s anniversary photos.  They married 2 years ago at Makapuu Beach and here visiting again to celebrate.  Happy Anniversary you 2!

hawaii anniversary photographer 1hawaii anniversary photographer 2hawaii anniversary photographer 3hawaii anniversary photographer 4hawaii anniversary photographer 6hawaii anniversary photographer 7hawaii anniversary photographer 8

hawaii anniversary photographer 17hawaii anniversary photographer 10hawaii anniversary photographer 11hawaii anniversary photographer 12hawaii anniversary photographer 14hawaii anniversary photographer 15hawaii anniversary photographer 16hawaii anniversary photographer 18hawaii anniversary photographerf 19



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Tis the season for lots of food, elastic pants, cooler weather, and ohana.  The season reminding us for being thankful of what we all have, even the little things we probably take for granted.  I’ve seen a lot of Instagram and Facebook posts for what peole are thankful of, so here’s mine…


waking up in the morning: Happy I get to wake up and spend another day with my family.  Each day is a gift.  I try to make each day count, freezing time with my kids on my camera and remembering their ‘first times…’

my husband: he keeps me laughing, lets me be a stay at home mom, hugs me when I need and always say the right things.  (NO Pink, you’re not fat.  NO you dont need make up, you look better without it.  YES that last cookie is for you.  SURPRISE, I got you some ice cream and a phone case. )  He makes me want to be a better person everyday.

my kids: they’re the best gifts I could ever have, and having them love me the way they do is the best feeling in the world.  They keep me smiling and they always make me want to be the best mommy to them.

family time: all day just the family going out to eat, shop, or movies.  No thinking about work or school, just us.

working weddings!:  I know people always ask me how I can do it because its scary.  It can be, but it gives me a rush. The best part of it is being with happy couples, happy people surrounding them, and hearing each of their vows.  It doesn’t get old.  It always reminds me of ours and how grateful I am for a great marriage!

my accident:  I was in my 20s, typical girl clubbing and bar hopping.  I guess enough was enough and I had a back breaking accident 12 years ago.  I learned it was close to severing my spinal cord, which means I could’ve been paralized.   The surgery, the healing, the time out opened up my eyes and  put me back on the right path in life.  The rods in my back is a constant reminder.  I keep wondering if it wasn’t for that, would I still be single and bar hopping?

And sure, I’m also thankful for a lot more than above…like hair clips, maternity pants, anti-aging moisturizers, smart phones and wi-fi.  haha!

Have a WONDERFUL HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!  It’s a cheat day so forget counting calories.  Eat up!


us 1001

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