Baby is 6 months old now and I admit…it’s a little hard to blog in one sitting.  May take me a few days.  I’ll stay up after she goes to bed at night but I end up falling asleep myself.  But I love my everyday….  I can watch her grow up before my eyes.

We hung out with my friend Janelle and her family last month taking their family photos.  We went to our favorite coffee place in Haleiwa, Coffee Gallery, and then over to Surf n Sea down the road.  The sun went down too fast but I think the kids were done taking pics with aunty Pink;)


My cute little photographer again…


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I forgot how much time I have to myself with a newborn.  Which is a few…but these few minutes are golden.  I sometimes just stare at the ceiling and enjoy the quiet…which freaks my son out sometimes, ha!  I just put baby down to sleep 5 minutes ago and she’s moving around as I’m typing with one hand, patting her back with the other.  I love having a newborn around =)

Wanted to share this fun family session I got to photograph.  The light was beautiful and the whole family was stylin’ in their outfits.  They were so fun.

…and now it’s off to bed… Have a great weekend!






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It’s the New Year!  New couples, new love to capture!  The details, the love, the sweetness between this couple was amazing to photograph!  Katy and Joe said their I Do’s at Loulu Palms.   I remember Katy’s dad said Joe was “The Guy” you want your daughter to marry.  Being a parent I pray that we can say that in the future =)

During the day, it rained a little because of Hawaii’s unpredictable weather, but soon after it was beautiful and the sunlight as well as sunset was amazing!  Beyond honored, we loved being a part of this special day.  Thanks Katy and Joe and congratulations again!



Behind the scenes…they were SO FUN!!  Thanks Alisa for getting this and assisting!

best of-7

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I used to make resolutions every year…eat healthier, be patient and kind to everyone (even if they cut me off on the freeway), get a 6 pack.  But then after a couple months I mess up – I get annoyed with the wrong order from Jack in the Box, and I’m back to eating burger and fries…. so of course there goes my 6 pack.

So this year I’m doing different resolutions.  I think it’ll be funner, challenging, good for the soul…right?

Staying Positive – It’s so good to stay positive, but it’s honestly such a struggle when some things go wrong.  Rather than being worried or thinking my day is ruined, I’ll tell myself it’s a blessing and something better is coming soon.

Shooting more – I get stuck in a rut and just shoot things that I HAVE to shoot.  It’s been a while since I got creative and shot things I wanted to shoot.  Mainly because I don’t want to bring my huge camera around with me.  I’m making it a point to take my point and shoot or GoPro around with me and shoot at least once a day.

More time with friends – Sometimes I hear myself saying all the time that ‘I’m so busy’.  Everyone needs that time with friends to laugh, vent and share baby stories….or “remember back in high school when…”   It’s a good session and I’m happy after that.  Better than chocolate…almost  ;)

Cooking – I’m no cook.  My mom cooked every day so I don’t know what happened to me.  I’m thinking where to eat out more than what to make at home.  I’ll be trying my hardest to cook at home more and try new recipes.  I’ve made a Pinterest board of recipes I want to try.  Watch out!  Ofcourse if I fail, there’s always Pizza Hut on stand by.


What’s your New Year’s resolution?

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2014 was a great year!  So much to be grateful for!  Big news, great accomplishments.  We welcomed an addition to our family!  We have been waiting for this for a while.  I was also  recognized as one of Hawaii’s Top 20 Wedding Photographers.  Such an honor!

Although I was limited to smaller weddings this past year because of a high risk pregnancy,  intimate beach weddings were perfect for me.  I got to do some exercise on the beach (walking in the sand) while lifting weights (my camera).

I was grateful to have Alisa by my side helping me.  She assisted me and carried everything I had!


Not only is she an amazing photographer but she’s also such a great friend.  I tried to cut down what I was bringing with me but she ended up just carrying my shootsac and rolled my luggage around…upstairs, downstairs…  Love her =)  When she wasn’t available to assist, my son came with me to a few small photoshoots so he could assist me, well to carry my bag.  He was happy to .…I think.  As long as I paid him.

I’m also grateful for all the great couples and families we got to photograph this year!  I am so honored to be part of your special day and so very grateful for new friends.

Here’s a look at a fun year and some behind the scenes.


best of-2

best of-3best of-4best of-5best of-6


I’m a train fixer lady person

best of-1016

best of-1

Yes, I’ll take your calls…should I tell them you’re getting married?

Seriously love my little 2nd shooter

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